November 19 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 3:30pm

November 21 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 7:30pm

TITLE (POR): Afronte

COUNTRY: Brasil (Brasília/DF)

YEAR: 2017


DIRECTORS: Bruno Victor, Marcus Azevedo

CAST: vhfro, Edileuza Penha de Souza, Eduardo Rosa, Thiago Almeida, Victor Matos, Ricardo Caldeira, Agostinho Santos, Damien Browne, Gabriel Nascimento / SCREENPLAY: Bruno Victor, Marcus Azevedo / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ana Carolina Matias / EDITING: Lucas Araque / SOUND: Arnold Gules / PRODUCTION DESIGN: Ana Júlia Melo / PRODUCTION: Juliana Melo, Renata Schelb / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Roxo Berinjela Produções

SYNOPSIS: Fiction and documentary cross to show the process of transformation and empowerment of Victor Hugo, a young black and gay, resident of the periphery of the Federal District. His account is mixed with the testimonies of other young people, whose stories reveal different forms of resistance, found in discourses valorizing the gay black.


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