Agony of the Fairies’ Death


November 17 – CCSP – SALA ANEXO – 9 pm


Original Title: Agonia da Morte das Fadas


Director: Ewerton Correia

Supervision: Antônio Araújo

Playwright: Ewerton Correia e Fernanda Machado

Cast: Diego Camelo, Fernanda Machado, Luana Jóia, Valmir PS

Lighting design: Olívia Munhoz

Costume design: Matheus Milanelli

Set design: Guilherme Rodrigues

Photography: Ivana Debertolis


Three classic tales echo the cries from those who have been forgotten by the fairies. Prince charming wakes up to a hangover at Largo do Arouche. The wicked witch is burned alive on a four-top-burner stove. Is it possible to make a puppet out of dark wood? Fairies agonize. It’s time to betray universal narratives.


Running Time: 80′

Advisory Rating: 18 years