17/11 Sexta-Feira – CCSP – Sala Paulo Emílio – 19h

19/11 Domingo – Cine Itaú Augusta  – 21h


ORIGINAL TITLE: Karera Ga Honki De Amu Toki Wa


YEAR: 2017


DIRECTOR: Naoko Ogigami

CAST: Toma Ikuta, Rinka Kakihara, Kenta Kiritani SCREENPLAY: Naoko Ogigami CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kozo Shibasaki EDITING: Shinichi Fujima SOUND: Tetsuo Segawa, Masaru Okawara PRODUCTION DESIGN: Mayumi Tomita PRODUCTION: Takashi Iguchi, Satoshi Hayakawa, Toshiyuki Wake PRODUCTION COMPANY: Suurkiitos

SYNOPSIS: Eleven-year-old Tomo is pretty much left to her own devices. Unwashed dishes are piling up in the sink and supermarket onigiri are all there is to eat again. Tomo’s single mother usually comes home late, and drunk. When she leaves her daughter for good one day the girl has to rely on help from her uncle, who takes in Tomo to live with him and his girlfriend Rinko. At their first meeting Tomo is flabbergasted to discover that Rinko is a transsexual. Rinko immediately sets about taking care of Tomo; not only does she lovingly prepare meals but she also succeeds in creating a new home for the girl. But before long cracks appear in their perfect nest. In quietly concentrated images the film portrays non-normative sexuality as a natural way of life and describes the value of families that are defined not by convention but by a loving, caring environment.


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