Against the Law 7C6A9130

Against the Law


November 16 – Cine Itaú Augusta 3 – 8 pm

November 23 – CCSP – Sala Lima Barreto – 5:30 pm



YEAR: 2017


DIRECTOR: Fergus O’Brien

CAST: Daniel Mays, Richard Gadd, Mark Gatiss, Charlie Creed Miles / SCREENPLAY: Brian Fillis / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Johann Perry / EDITING: Joe Carey / SOUND: Joe Fletcher / PRODUCTION DESIGN: Matthew Button / PRODUCTION: Scott James Bassett / PRODUCTION COMPANY: BBC Studios

SYNOPSIS: Based on Peter Wildeblood’s bestselling autobiography which tells the story of his affair with a handsome serviceman he met in Piccadilly and the devastating consequences of their relationship. Wildeblood had been a celebrated and well-connected journalist on the Daily Express, with a range of acquaintances that included Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. His journey from Fleet Street via public vilification was swift. He was imprisoned under the same legislation that sent Oscar Wilde to Reading Gaol. Whilst in prison he was subjected to a series of questionable ‘medical’ therapeutic measures which were believed to be able to ‘change’ his sexual orientation. The importance of the case brought the debate about homosexuality into the public domain and led the way to the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which changed the lives of thousands of gay men with its partial decriminalisation of homosexual acts.

Official selection at BFI Flare 2017 and Frameline 2017.



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