November 19 – CineSesc – 11am
November 26 – CCSP Sala Paulo Emílio – 3pm


COUNTRY: Brazil (SP)

YEAR: 2016


DIRECTOR: René Guerra

CAST: Antonio Haddad Aguerre, Alexandre Cioletti, Pedro Goifman, Sabrina Nonata, Roberto Rezende, Fernanda Stefanski / SCREENPLAY: Cássio Pereira Santos, René Guerra / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Julia Zakia / EDITING: Eva Randolph / SOUND: Tiago Bello, Marcos Lopes / PRODUCTION DESIGN: Monica Palazzo, Renata Rugai / PRODUÇÃO: Letícia Friedrich, Lourenço Sant’Anna, Heverton Lima / COMPANHIA PRODUTORA: Boulevard Filmes, Paideia Filmes

SYNOPSIS: Guigo is in love with Sabrina, with whom he exchanges text messages through his mobile. He’s a child with separated parents. One day, Guigo and his friend Tulio go fishing with his father Roberto and his friend Paulo. The trip would perfectly succeed if there was an internet signal. The lack of communication leaves Guigo puzzled and eager to make an appointment with Sabrina. In addition, he will still have to deal with another situation: before Roberto tells his son, Guigo finds out that Paul is, in fact, his father’s boyfriend.



2013 O Olho e o Zarolho (short)

2012 Quem tem Medo de Cris Negão? (short)

2011 Retratos Brasileiros: Berta Zemel (TV series, 1 episode)

2009 Fucking Different São Paulo (segment “Casa”)

2008 Os Sapatos de Aristeu (short)


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