November 17 – CCSP – Sala Lima Barreto – 3:30 pm

November 20 – Cine Itaú Augusta 3 – 6 pm


COUNTRY: Germany

YEAR: 2016


DIRECTOR: Leonie Krippendorff

CAST: Jella Haase, Lana Cooper, Marie-Lou Sellem, Markus Hering, Christian Kuchenbuch, Michel Dierks, Maëlle Giovanetti, Ilona Schulz, Henning Peker / SCREENPLAY: Leonie Krippendorff / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jieun Yi / EDITING: Jihyeon Park / PRODUCTION: Jost Hering / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Jost Hering Filme/Berlin, in co-production with Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

SYNOPSIS: Leila, 19, searches for she knows not what, but wants to feel alive. She moves from one borderline situation to another, feeling her pulse only when overstretched, self-destructive or in danger.

Frenja, 35, wants to regain the life she had with her husband and daughter before she was ill. But she was overcome by the need to puke out all her love and that feeling will not go away.

Ann, 52, has lived in other countries with other people, seen much of the world, loved and been loved, but she can’t shake off the encroaching feeling of loneliness.

Three women from three generations meet at a very relevant point of their lives in a psychiatric clinic. Between them arises a strong connection full of energy, honesty and eroticism.

Maguey Award – Best LGBTQ Film Interpretation (Jella Haase) at Guadalajara IFF 2017.



2013 Teer (short)

2012 Streuner (short)

2010 Kopfsprung (short)

2010 Heimat (short)



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