My Only Earth Is in the Moon


November 19 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 3:30pm

November 21 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 7:30pm


TITLE (POR): Minha Única Terra é na Lua


COUNTRY: Brazil (São Paulo/SP)

YEAR: 2017


DIRECTOR: Sergio Silva

CAST: Gilda Nomacce, Igor Mo, Sergio Silva, Flora Dias, Bruno Risas / SCREENPLAY: Sergio Silva / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Rui Poças / EDITING: Marco Dutra / SOUND: João Cândido Zacharias, Henrique Chiurciu, Sérgio Abdalla / PRODUCTION: Julia Alves, Felipe Santo

SYNOPSIS: Sergio answers 36 questions to make Gabriel fall in love. Did you know Glauber was a Pisces?


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