November 16 – CCSP – SALA ANEXO – 9 pm
November 17 – CCSP – SALA ANEXO – 9 pm
November 18 – CCSP – SALA ANEXO – 9 pm
November 19 – CCSP – SALA JARDEL FILHO – 7 pm


Original Title: Desmesura

Creation: Teatro Kunyn
Playwright: Ronaldo Serruya
Cast: Luiz Gustavo Jahjah, Paulo Arcuri e Ronaldo Serruya
Director: Lubi
Art director and costume design: Yumi Sakate
Playwright: Renata Pimentel
Lighting design: Wagner Antônio
Lighting assistant: Dimitri Luppi Slavov
Light and sound operator: Alexandre Silva
Set design: Lubi e Yumi Sakate
Scenery technician: Josué Torres
Seamstresses: Cirlandia Maria Simon, Noeme Costa e Oficina da Malonna.
Wigs: Nina Fur
Cake making: Flavia Vidal
Puppet making: Big Air
Opening music: “Lovejoy” (Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas)
Graphic design and social media support: Jonatas Marques
Press office: Frederico de Paula (Nossa Senhora da Pauta)
Production director: Fernando Gimenes
Executive producer: Vânia Lima
Producer: Teatro Kunyn e Mofo Produção Cultural

Teatro Kunyn’s third spectacle is freely inspired by the life of Argentine playwright Raul Taborda Damonte, a.k.a. Copi. In Outweigh, the discussion of gender gains other contours through the life of Copi, artist still little known in Brazil. The life of a man/artist is an excuse (and there’s no demerit in saying that) to discuss urgent issues when we think about body and sexuality. Here: the seropositivity and the transgender. In the spectacle, these two subjects are on the scene in friction with the time in which we live. The idea was to produce, with regard to the discourse on the AIDS epidemic and people living with HIV, a non-historicist reflection, but that was in full harmony with the reality in which we live. To reflect the social stigma that still surrounds the virus carriers and to construct a narrative that speaks about this subject with the perspective of life, not death. The same thing happened concerning transsexuality. Thinking about this subject today implies discussing the place of speech, protagonism and invisibility. Give voice to bodies that bring in themselves the discourse of their struggle.


Running Time: 60′

Advisory Rating: 18 years