Rituals for Change - Andaime

Rituals for Change


November 22 – CCSP – SALA ADONIRAN BARBOSA – 7 pm



Writer and Performer: Emma Frankland

Producer: Abby Butcher

Designer: Myriddin


“We who are changing. We who invite trouble…”

Rituals for Change is a live show exploring change, gender transition and transgender identity. It uses materials with different transformational properties, such as water, clay, earth, salt and ink to create incredible physical images which are messy, intense and celebratory.

Emma Frankland is an award winning UK theatre maker and performer. She is the director of None of Us is Yet a Robot – a contemporary performance company that creates groundbreaking performance work based on transgender identities and the politics of transition. Throughout her work, there is a shared theatrical language that focuses on honesty, action and a playfully destructive DIY aesthetic. Emma’s work has been seen across the UK and internationally, appearing at the Tempo Festival, Rio de Janeiro as well as throughout Europe and Indonesia.


Running Time: 60′

Advisory Rating: 18 years