Santa & Andres - still3

Santa & Andrés


November 16 – CCSP – Sala Paulo Emílio – 7 pm

November 22 – Espaço Itaú Augusta 3 – 8 pm


ORIGINAL TITLE: Santa y Andrés

COUNTRY: Cuba / France / Colombia

YEAR: 2016


DIRECTOR: Carlos Lechuga

CAST: Lola Amores, Eduardo Martinez, Cesar Domínguez, Luna Tinoco, George Abreu, Ederlys Rodríguez / SCREENPLAY: Carlos Lechuga / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Javier Labrador / EDITING: Joanna Montero / SOUND: Daniel “Gato” Garcés, Raymel Casamayor / PRODUCTION DESIGN: Alain Ortiz / PRODUCTION: Claudia Calviño / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Producciones De La 5ta Avenida, Igolai Producciones, Promenades Films

SYNOPSIS: Cuba, 1983. Santa is a 30-year-old peasant working on a state farm. Nearby lives Andres, a 50-year-old homosexual writer who, according to the government, suffers from “ideological problems”. Whenever there is a political event in the region, ordinary citizens are assigned the task of monitoring suspects and prevent any type of opposition to the regime. This time Santa will be the one following Andres’s routine, over the course of three days prior to the event. Gradually these two seemingly opposing figures will discover that more things bring them together than set them apart.

Best Ibero-American Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress (Lola Amores) ​& Special Maguey Jury Prize at Guadalajara IFF 2017. Official selection at Toronto IFF 2017.



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