Serguei, The Last Psychedelic


November 21 – CineSesc – 5pm

COUNTRY: Brazil (PA)

YEAR: 2016


DIRECTORS: Ching Lee, Zahy Tata Pur’gte

CAST: Erasmo Carlos, Angela Ro Ro, Frejat, Angela Maria, Nelson Motta, Tico Santa Cruz, Alcione, Evandro Mesquita, Ney Matogrosso, Zahy Tata Pur’gte / SCREENPLAY: Ching Lee, Zahy Tata Pur’gte / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ching Lee, Zahy Tata Pur’gte / EDITING: Christian Caselli / SOUND: Zé Felipe / PRODUCTION DESIGN: Zahy Tata Pur’gte / PRODUCTION: André Kaveira / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tupinamba Filmes da Amazônia

SYNOPSIS: Sergio Bustamante, a 83-year-old singer with a 50-something-year long career. Initiator of psychedelia in Brazil and a rock icon, he fought for freedom in the public eye, came out as Serguei and left in search of a place in the sun. His unconventional concerts for a middle-class guy from Rio, in cabarets and nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro’s historic downtown, made history through mockery, boldness, novelty and originality. Several generations grew up with, were inspired by and followed the trajectory of a Brazilian living legend, a unique artist who had the courage to live and be what he is.

Official selection at Rio IFF 2017. Special Jury Mention at In-Edit ​Brasil ​2017.​



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