November 16 – CineSesc – 9:30pm
November 24 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 5:30pm

COUNTRY: Brazil (SP) / Germany

YEAR: 2017


DIRECTORS: Esmir Filho, Mariana Bastos

CAST: Caroline Abras, André Antunes, Clemens Schick, Knut Berger, Juliante Elting / SCREENPLAY: Esmir Filho, Mariana Bastos / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Juan Sarmiento G., Marcelo Trotta / EDITING: Caroline Leone / PRODUCTION: Esmir Filho, Thereza Menezes, Fernando Sapelli, Jelena Goldbach / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Saliva Shots

SYNOPSIS: Caio and Mari are two young individuals who are in a relationship that goes beyond any definition. Over a ten-year period, the plot transits between three striking moments where their desires conflict and their relationship is put to the test. The film, developed from the 2006 short film with the same name, proposes a reflection on sexuality, labels and how time constructs and shapes relationships.

Best Editing at Rio IFF 2017.



Esmir Filho:

2015 Calada Noite (TV series)

2014 Sete Anos Depois (short, codirection)

2009 Os Famosos e os Duendes da Morte

2009 Tudo O Que É Sólido Pode Derreter (TV series, 6 episodes)

2007 Vibracall (short)

2007 Saliva (short)

2006 Tapa Na Pantera (short, codirection)

2006 Alguma Coisa Assim (short, codirection)

2004 Ato II Cena 5 (short)

Mariana Bastos:

2014 Sete Anos Depois (short, codirection)

2011 Expedição Xingú (TV series)

2007 Perto de qualquer lugar (short)

2006 Tapa na pantera (short, codirection)