November 19 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 5:30pm
November 21 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 5:30pm



TITLE (POR): Stanley

COUNTRY: Brazil (Nazarezinho/PB)

YEAR: 2016


DIRECTOR: Paulo Roberto

CAST: Laís Lacerda, Rafael Guedes, Aelson Felinto / SCREENPLAY: Paulo Roberto / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Luís Barbosa / EDITING: Diego Benevides / SOUND: Rafael Borges / PRODUCTION: Cybele Soares

SYNOPSIS: When I was 7, 8-years-old, I saw my father talking to a friend of his. I did not quite understand what they were talking about… what I remember most was of his lips moving. I wanted to kiss my father’s friend’s lips!



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