Sem Titulo Horizontal 1 (Ivana Debertolis)

Untitled: Oil on Skin


November 19 – CCSP – Sala Jardel Filho – 7 pm


Director: Douglas Vendramini

Cast: Anna Talebi, Chris Alexsander, Vinicius Bogas

Playwright, set, lighting and sound design: Anna Talebi, Douglas Vendramini, Chris Alexsander, Vinicius Bogas.

Photography: Ivana Debertolis


The body is the ground zero of the world. The world, a battlefield. With the blood running, I came running from where the paths and spaces intersect to say that I discovered that bodies are made of the same material as the stars. Star dust. Small fragments of framed space and time. A plethora of sizes, shapes, colors, textures. That which remains unnamed.