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November 19 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 5:30pm
November 21 – CCSP Sala Lima Barreto – 5:30pm


TITLE (POR): Na Esquina da Minha Rua Favorita com a Tua

COUNTRY: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro/RJ)

YEAR: 2017


DIRECTOR: Alice Name-Bomtempo

CAST: Jaqueline Calazans, Laura de Castro / SCREENPLAY: Alice Name-Bomtempo / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Laura Patiño Casasfranco / EDITING: Vitória Cordeiro / SOUND: Matheus Tiengo / PRODUCTION: Amanda Kadobayashi, Leonardo Khuriyeh

SYNOPSIS: Helena went to the movies and met Tainá. We might know whatever it is that happened later on. Or we might not.

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