A Letter to My Father

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DIRECTION: Aline Belfort
COUNTRY: Brazil, Portugal, Estonia, Scotland
CITY: Fortaleza – CE
YEAR: 2021

SYNOPSIS: In a dance where a daughter seeks all the caress never received by her father’s hands, a letter is written by gestures, images and words in an attempt to rescue a relationship that was lost by fear.

Elenco/Cast: Aline Belfort
Roteiro/Screenplay: Aline Belfort
Fotografia/Cinematography: Aline Belfort (DAFB), Isaber Cordovil, Gonçalo Galvão Teles
Montagem/Editing: Aline Belfort
Som/Sound: Mazin Helal
Produção/Production: Aline Belfort, Kinoeyes Master

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