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DIRECTION: Luiz Anastácio
YEAR: 2021

SYNOPSIS: What feeds you? “Bori” is a medium-length film produced by the Brazilian based Ewé Group that dwells on the relationship between food and ritual dances. The name is a reference to the primordial ritual within Candomblé (an African-Brazilian religion) Bori, a Yoruba ritual that means “feeding the head”. This videodance is a tribute to the Ori entity, with which we celebrate all the contribution of knowledge generated from the cultural manifestations of black people. “Bori” is an abundant table provided by african matrices, their stories, bodies, religions, symbolic universes, philosophies, music, and dances. Food for the eyes, ears, memories, for the past and the present. Everything eats! Official selection at Zózimo Bulbul Black Film Festival.

Elenco/Cast: Beatriz Oliveira, Elisângela França, Joyce Aparecida, Luiz Anastácio, Luiza Moreira, Rafa Araújo, Thico Lopes
Roteiro/Screenplay: Luiz Anastácio
Fotografia/Cinematography: Luiz Anastácio
Montagem/Editing: Ian Muntoreanu
Som/Sound: Ian Muntoreanu, Luiz Anastácio
Produção/Production: Luiz Anastácio

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