Mix Icon 2021 – Ney Matogrosso

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“People say I don’t fly the flag when actually I am the flag itself.”

Ney de Souza Pereira was born in Bela Vista, state of Mato Grosso. In 1971, one of the hardest, quite repressive years of military dictatorship, he joined Secos & Molhados, one of the most important and revolutionary Brazilian musical groups. With his catchy stage presence and a sensuality in full bloom, Ney would slap on the face of a hypocritical and uptight society in each and every show or TV performance. His provocative and attractive androginy has strengthened his artistic identity up to these days.

In the year he’s turning 80, we celebrate his artistic persona still shining on stages in Brazil and abroad. And it’s on this chamelionic and critical artist we’ve prepared a film exhibition with his best cinema performances and choose him the Mix Brasil 2021 Icon.