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DIRECTION: Madiano Marcheti
YEAR: 2021
RATING: 14 y/o

SYNOPSIS: Luziane, Cristiano, and Bianca have almost nothing in common, beside the fact that they all live in the same rural city surrounded by soy fields in western Brazil. Though they don’t know one another, each of them is affected by Madalena’s disappearance. In different parts of the town, each in their own way, react to her absence. Official selection at Rotterdam, Queer Lisboa, San Sebastian and Mix Milano.

Elenco/Cast: Natália Mazarim, Rafael de Bona, Pamella Yule
Roteiro/Screenplay: Madiano Marcheti, Thiago Gallego, Thiago Ortman, Tiago Coelho
Fotografia/Cinematography: Guilherme Tostes, Tiago Rios
Montagem/Editing: Lia Kulakauskas
Som/Sound: Bernardo Uzeda, Ana Luiza Penna
Música/Music: Junior Marcheti
Arte/Production Design: Rocio Moure
Produção/Production: Clélia Bessa, Joel Pizzini, Sérgio Pedrosa, Marcos Pieri, Beatriz Martins

Diretor: Madiano Marcheti


2016 Essa Barra que é Gostar de Você
2015 O Lugar Mais Frio do Rio
2015 Travessias
2014 Vácuo”

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