Two Boys Who Got Too Far Away From the Sun

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DIRECTION: Lucelia Sergio, Cibele Appes
YEAR: 2021
RATING: 12 y/o

SYNOPSIS The day before the fight for the boxing championship title in 1962 between Afro-Caribbeans Benny Kid Paret and Emile Griffith – the first world boxing champion to come out as bisexual –, at the weigh-in, Cuban Paret insulted Griffith many times concerning his sexual orientation, who got into the boxing ring unsettled and threw a series of punches at Paret, leading him to coma. Paret died ten days later, and the tragic event haunted the champion til the end of his days. World premiere.

Elenco/Cast: Sidney Santiago Kuanza, Rodrigo de Odê, Teka Romualdo, Eduardo Silva, Mônica Augusto, James Turpin, Conrado Caputo, Thiago Catarino, Celso Cardoso
Roteiro/Screenplay: Lucelia Sergio
Fotografia/Cinematography: Cibele Appes, Lucas Kakuda
Montagem/Editing: Cibele Appes
Som/Sound: Eduluz
Música/Music: Dani Nega
Arte/Production Design: Gui Funari, Lia Damasceno
Produção/Production: Rafael Ferro, Ramon Zago