Wigudun, Alma de Dos Espíritus | Wigudun, Soul of Two Spirits

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DIRECTION: Fernando Muñoz, Raphael Salazar
COUNTRY: Panama, Brazil
YEAR: 2021
RATING: 12 y/o

SYNOPSIS As the colonial chronicles of the 15th and 17th centuries collect, several indigenous peoples of America considered that gender was not binary, male and female, on the contrary, diversity was the rule. In Panama, the Guna People identify Omeggid people as a third gender, which implies much more than a sexual orientation or erotic preference. Nandin, Yineth, Rosario and Débora are some of the members of the Wigudun Galu Group, named after an Omeggid entity from the Guna mythology. They define themselves as a separate group and their claims are particular to their group. They want visibility, their struggle is uphill, they are indigenous, they are trans, they are Omeggids. Discriminated inside and outside their community. World premiere.

Elenco/Cast: Nandin Solis, Yineth Muñoz, Rosario Arias, Debora Hernandez, Grupo Wigudun galu
Roteiro/Screenplay: Fernando Muñoz
Fotografia/Cinematography: Raphael Salazar
Montagem/Editing: Juan Pablo Di Bitonto
Som/Sound: Jose Rommel Tuñon
Música/Music: Rodrigo Denis
Produção/Production: Fernando Muñoz

Filmografia Fernando Muñoz:
2018 Una Noche de Calypso

Fimography Raphael Salazar:
First Movie