Living Is Urgent

Living Is Urgent

Also Available in: Português

7 PM  (120′) 18 y/o | Performance

#queer #gay #documentary #performative #theater

“When the spectre of death is around, employ life.” This was one of the most desecrated statements by our founder and director Marcelo Denny (1969-2020). His death ravaging the group that saw itself violated by the State, by its rights and by the lack of support to ritualize his passage.
Without being able to gather at events, with the pandemic at its height, without vaccines and without perspective, the group needed to build an unpretentious action of spectacularization, and that permeates this pain, that could purge the idealization of a funeral. The ritual-action-performance “Living Is Urgent” is the result of a couple of ideas combined, including technology, the group’s history and, mainly, the risk of life.
Death is no longer a fear, it is a reality. On the basis of this reality, we tried to tie everything that we could infringe on to feel ALIVE again. We created an autonomous temporal and technological zone as a timeline of the group and the stories of affection; videos, images and a conglomerate of media that generates a dome of memories, where the group dances frantically until exhaustion and marks on their skin, daily, through tattoos, the words “Living Is Urgent”.
On the course of the action, the group reaches new heights of sensations and physical states; everyone there serves as support, sometimes aesthetic, or moral and sentimental, so that a connection is created and the pulse of life is reached. This way, an intimate ritual of de-mortification is established, and the possibilities of coexistence, relationship and even interaction with the public are established.
Currently, we all live in the same shadow of those who have lost someone in the pandemic, or know someone who has lost someone. This universal mourning and all the resumptions and fears we created left us stuck, frightened, and in need of creating new ways to claim our lives, our existence itself, claiming also some risks; some decisions may seem exaggerated, but without the limit of excess, life is not exhaled, because death is given all around us.
It’s rare to see a group, surviving in the currently fascist and necropolitical reality of Brazil, that remains independent without private or governmental financial support and comes together to enliven their experiences and research ways to stage these innards. We are 13 bodies fighting their experience in capital, brooding from within to transform one of the most homophobic, transphobic, serophobic and racist countries of this tropicality that is Latin America.


Direction and concept: Marcelo D’Avilla
Direction assistant and production: Mateus Rodrigues, Wesley Lima
Pombagira Theater Cast: Andre Veron, Andrew Tassinari (Roxa), Hugo Faz, Lua Negrão, Mateus Rodrigues, Marcelo D’Avilla, Priscilla Toscano, Renato Teixeira, Ricardo Mesquita, Snoo, Wesley Lima, Zen Damasceno
Supporting cast: Dandara Leste, Poderosa Ísis, Douglas Ricci, Guira Bara, Flavio Pacato, Lucas Loduca, Rodrigo Duo
Set design: Brugnara
Soundtrack: Renato Navarro
Lighting design: Quinho Gonça

Also Available in: Português


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