The Flour Test

The Flour Test

Also Available in: Português

NOV 17 @ SPCINE – CCSP Paulo Emilio
8:00 p.m – curtas: COMEDY QUEERS (66′) – 14 y.o

NOV 19 @ SPCINE – CCSP Lima Barreto
7:30 p.m – curtas: COMEDY QUEERS (66′) – 14 y.o

#cinema #gay #comedy #stoned #brazil #BA #UK #documentary #intention #tension

Brazil, UK / Salvador-BA, London, 2022, 19′
Dir: Victor Fraga

A London journalist returns to Brazil in order to face one of the demons of his adolescence: the Flour Test. This ludicrous experiment was conducted during the military dictatorship in order to determine whether army conscriptees were homosexual: they were meant to sit butt-naked on flour in order to measure the girth of their anus. Bolsonaro now attempts to introduce similar legislation.

Also Available in: Português


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