Our History

Organized by Associação Cultural Mix Brasil for over two decades, the Mix Brasil Festival of the Cultural Diversity defends the respect and free expression of sexual diversity, seeking new perspectives for understanding the LGBTQ community, with no prejudices, encouraging respect, promoting citizenship and combating any and all forms of homophobia / transphobia.

Created in 1993, it has become nationally and internationally a political and cultural reference for LGBTQ and minority culture issues. With its origins linked to the New York Gay and Lesbian Experimental Film Festival, Mix Brasil Festival has become the largest cultural event for Latin American LGBTQ audiences, ranking among the world’s largest in the segment.

The Mix Brasil Festival of the Cultural Diversity aims at the intellectual and public formation as a result of its innovative programming and social activities that allow the interaction between the most diverse communities in favor of building a more just and egalitarian society. Facilitating, as a social instrument, the inclusion of a whole community and their perspectives of life and styles, as diverse as possible, for discussion with society as a whole, expanding awareness, helping to dismantle shame, reduce isolation and ignorance , facilitating education and awareness and questioning old knowledge about sexuality.

As in previous editions the festival will receive guests from various parts of the world and mainly Brazilians who will present their works in audiovisual, music, literature, performance and theater.