2nd MixLab Spcine Schedule

November 17: Meetings


11h Meetings: Gus Van Sant
Gus Van Sant
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho

To get off on the right foot with the 2nd MixLab SPcine, we invited one one the most important contemporary filmmakers. Gus Van Sant will tell the audience the main aspects of his life and work.


November 21: Talks


10h Presentations
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


The opening act of 2nd MixLab Spcine invites all Lab guest participants to present themselves. Each participant will be invited to briefly and concisely introduce themselves and their work or the institution they represent at the Festival.


11h Directing: Challenges of Contemporary Filmmaking
With Esmir Filho, Luciana Canton, Travis Mathews
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


The MixLab Spcine welcomes filmmakers to discuss the production, distribution and exhibition process, comparing the Brazilian and foreign scenario. They had their films shown all over the world and can shed a light on how the audiovisual industry and market operates in different countries and offer their perspectives on it.


13h30 Festivals: Curatorship
With Magali Simard, Maria Abdalla, Pavel Cortés Almanzar
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


The MixLab Spcine once again welcomes national and international guests that represent important film festivals around the world. A great opportunity for all audiovisual producers to get to know, from an internal perspective, how registration and selection works, as well as the main criteria of the festivals.


15h Cinematography: View of Speech
With Bruno Risas, Flora Dias
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


How an idea gets transformed into (moving) image? Two important Brazilian cinematographers that regularly worked both in short and feature films in recent years take the stage at MixLab SPcine. They will discuss the role of the DP during the creative process in filmmaking.


19h30 Cinema da Vela: Cinema as an act of inclusion
With Bruno Ribeiro, Carol Rodrigues, Guilherme Genestreti
CineSesc – Foyer

The Cinema da Vela (Candle Cinema) will discuss inclusion in cinema, the representativity of black characters and those living beyond township lines in audiovisual, in particular in LGBTQ Cinema. Among the questions to be addressed in the discussion are authorship, who are making these films and where they are shown.


November 22: Presentations


10h Partnerships: Film production in São Paulo
With Renato Nery, Tammy Weiss
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


A talk about film market with those who understand the best the audiovisual sector in São Paulo – Spcine. At the 2nd MixLab Spcine, the Spcine Executive Director, Renato Nery, and Tammy Weiss, São Paulo Film Commission Coordinator, present the several Spcine projects to the audiovisual production.


11h Projects: Development and Presentation
With Rafael Sampaio
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


A presentation and talk about BRLab, biggest audiovisual project development laboratory in Brazil, that also receives projects from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.


11h30 Exhibition: Beyond the theater
With Carolina Pasquali, Damian Pelliccione
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


These days, the theater is only one of the exhibition platforms available to those producing moving image. This table will present two cases of streaming services: REVRY and VIDEOCAMP.


12h30 Media: New tools for distribution
With Zé Agripino
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Sala Jardel Filho


How to deliver a film and other audiovisual works to a public more digitally connected each new day? New approaches used in communication and distribution strategies to bridge the gap between filmmaker the public will be presented and explained.