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Who would say that? 30 years. It was from a call for Brazilian short films selection to be presented at Mix New York and the subsequent screening of this Queer Experimental Film at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) that gave rise to the Mix Brasil Festival. Crowded sessions with no subtitles that hit the headlines and the TV highlights in a pre-internet era. However it was a manifestation of censorship and prejudice that made Mix Brasil known nationally and generated invitations to take place across the country. It has always been like that. The number of “no’s”, instead of silencing us, made us more powerful and left a mark on our history. Yes, after 30 years it’s time for us to talk about having a history. In 1994 we created an online social network – before social networks – to comfort ourselves and consolidate our presence. Two years later, we held the first online short film festival, one of the first on the planet. Long before talking about transmedia, even in the last century, the festival was already expanding its curatorship beyond cinema, bringing LGBTQIA+ production in the visual arts, music and theater. International recognition was consolidated through partnerships through the exchange of programs and presence in dozens of festivals on five continents. But even so, it took 10 years, in which we generated our own resources through our support networks, until the first sponsorships arrived. Between more ups than downs, we faced turmoil, resisted and got here, celebrating three decades of existence with the largest and most complete edition. And, as always, innovating.

The 30th Mix Brasil Festival presents MIX.XR, an unprecedented section, full of immersive experiences to broaden our understanding of the world and foresee the future of audiovisual. We produce environments so that each experience is more complete, including the assembly of the amazing IVF-X, post-human hybrid parenting clinic, by Victorine van Alphen.

The partnership with the Consulate of France and the Institut français allowed the coming of VR experiences and also the accomplishment of “Flâneur”, a Brazil-France co-production that mixes street performances, auditory immersion and virtual reality that has its world premiere at Mix Brasil.

This year’s MixLab Spcine focuses on these new languages, presenting masterclasses and workshops with international experts in digital arts, virtual reality and transmedia for audiovisual professionals.

As for a long time, we bring the best of audiovisual production on diversity, with highlights from the international circuit of 35 countries from all continents, and selecting the best of what was produced in Brazil. This year we had a record number of film submissions – there were more than 2,669, 512 of which were Brazilian, which shows the resilience of our community, which has been persistently and courageously facing the difficulties and obstacles that have arisen in recent years in our country. At the opening, “Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter”, by Gustavo Vinagre, another Brazilian film awarded worldwide, born from the hands of a director whose path we had the pleasure of following since the beginning.

The Dramática artistic residency project, carried out in partnership with the Cultural Center for Diversity of the Municipal Department of Culture and Teatro Sérgio Cardoso, presents six projects selected from the 62 entries, showing the power and diversity of the theatrical scene. Marcelo Denny is honored in the show “Living Is Urgent”, by Pombagira Theater company.

In the year that marks the centenary of the Modern Art Week, Biblioteca Mário de Andrade will be our headquarters, receiving immersive experiences, Mix Literário, Mix Talks and the MixLab. In the best transmedia spirit, Mix Music presents Assucena on stage, Filipe Catto on screen and, in a performative format, the Obscene Animals by Janaina Leite.

The powerful ones, as always, set the tone for the event: Marisa Orth once again leads the indescribable The Gong Show, and Silvetty Montilla presents the priceless shows of New Talents. Linn da Quebrada, who represents the talent and overcoming power of our community and has been around at Mix Brasil several times with shows and movies, was the obvious choice for the 2022 Mix Icon.

While keeping part of its programming available on digital platforms, Mix Brasil invests heavily in face-to-face meetings, in the belief that the transformation is truly enhanced in physical meetings.

Dentsu created the beautiful campaign “Every Way of Living”, celebrating all LGBTQIA+ diversity and the different formats in which this diversity is artistically manifested.

This year we celebrate this 30th anniversary with the arrival of Unilever and the fundamental renewal of the partnership with Mercado Livre, Itaú, Spcine, Sesc SP and other esteemed partners and supporters.

André Fischer e Josi Geller

Also Available in: Português


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